Addiction Therapy and Support

Love and connection are the opposite of addiction…

Relationship Living’s addiction counselling works by wrapping care and support around someone who is addicted and giving them a life hug to hope, freedom which can lead to an incredible life…

Dawn White - Relationship Living

Addiction Therapy

I support families and relationships where addiction has got its grip on a loved one. Whether that be Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Love Addiction or Gaming Addiction to name a few…

Through the toughest days of living with someone who is addicted to either drugs or alcohol I will keep the connection going and strengthen you to continue and take the next step.

When you can’t take any more of the spiral of addiction that you see your loved one go through time and time again you will be able to connect to myself…I will help you check into your reality and together decide what needs to happen next…


There is nothing worse than feeling helpless and seeing the person you love become unrecognisable.

By taking stock of the impact that addiction and dependency has taken on you, your life, your family, or your partner may seem overwhelming, and that’s when I am called into work with families….I will help you make sense of what to do next.

You won’t be treated as a number, or expected to attend group work with people outside of the family… the approach is tailored to each individual in your family. I will keep the connection going all the way through. No conversation is wasted, everyone in the family is provided with a listening space and time. I go into families with love and certainty that by keeping the connection going , there will be change.

No one can be forced into a home detox, or residential detox.. Sometimes it is necessary for you to spend time talking through your concerns, fears and hurts before the next step is taken to start to involve the person you care about. Through this time you will start to learn about co-dependency and enabling behaviours and start to understand how the smallest of changes can lead to good happening.

Families, and partners are often in the best position to identify addiction in a loved one, what’s important for you to know that you are as important as the loved one you are concerned about.

Dawn White - Relationship Living

My Story

I founded the Relationship Living approach, to work with many relationships that are faced with unique challenges…it is different from the usual interventionist approach. I am a pattern changer, for people stuck in patterns of relating and living that are unhelpful and damaging to their relationship and sometimes each other.

I will support you to take stock, plan what the next step is for you and then take action…

I only work with the best Detox services, that are clinically sound, discreet, and highly confidential.

Our aim is to provide therapy and detox treatment in your home, or at an agreed private location, helping your addicted loved one get to the root of their addiction, recover and start to rebuild an incredible life….

Dawn White - Relationship Living

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