Relationshipology Sexpert Dawn White

Talking relationships, sex and intimacy. Covering diverse topics in sex and relationships

In Academy

Relationship Living In-Academy

Providing the education you didn’t get at school about sex and relationships.

The In-Academy approach covers the following:

  • Talking sexual wellness
  • Positive sex education
  • Dating Programme
  • Ability & Good Sex
  • Sexual Healing for couples and singles

Individual areas:

In-Academy aims to raise the awareness of neurodiversity in heterosexual and sexual diverse relationships, neuroqueer and neurosex relationships…

In-Dating – for people interested in dating and finding that special person or friendship – see f/b pg.

In–Divorce for people experiencing the pain of divorce and moving beyond divorce

In-SexAbility – Raising Awareness – Helping, supporting, talking and listening with people that have a hidden or visible disability talk about sex and enjoy sex.

In-Relationship & Sex – for people who want to enhance their sex life and spice up their sex life…..supporting people to have a great sex life or enhance their sex life. Talking about healthy sexual relationships and intimate relationships.

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